Our business can be your business...

Since 1998 OzCar has been the leader in used cars in Australia. Competition has come and gone, but we have remained dominant. Our clear focus on used cars has lead to our business being industry best in all aspects of used cars - results, brand, expertise, technology, knowledge, network & resources.

We are excited to increase our used car dominance through our franchise model. Our pilot franchise in Taree has had great success and it's now time to share this success with others. You can't afford to miss this opportunity.

Increase Your Sales

Our proven systems and brand will increase your sales the minute the signs go up.

Increase Your Gross

Forget the "Race to the Bottom" in terms of gross. OzCar equals gross.

Increase Your Enquiries

Never use those pay per lead websites again. OzCar is it’s own brand and it generates leads.

Increase Your Team

Use and leverage off our team of 200 strong , loyal members who are here to help you succeed. 

Increase Your Stock

Turn your dealerships inventory from 40 or 80 cars to well over 1500.

Increase Your Profitability

Our business model will ensure you increase sales, increase gross and decrease expenses - SIMPLE. 

You could have a car for everyone!

We all know how frustrating it is when we have a buyer - ready to go - but we just don’t have the right car. That’s where OzCar’s stock pooling gives you the EDGE. Our stock pooling means you have the entire OzCar inventory at your fingertips.


Established In


Years of experience, too many tales to tell. We have seen many come and go and we are proud to say we are still here and going strong.

Leader In Used


OzCar has 1 master – used cars. That’s our focus, that’s where the money is and this attitude is why we lead the business in used car sales.

Leader In Used Car


Great lenders, great relationships and great systems mean year after year we achieve over 60% finance penetration.

Leader In Used Car

Sales Software

OzCar Sales APP is like nothing you have seen before because it was built for us by us to ensure that it has 1 job – increase sales.

Great Track


Results, profitability, product review, government bodies, customer retention and lots more. Wherever you look, our track record is proof.


Australian Brand

In NSW our brand is not only trusted, it has become a household name. This brand awareness is about to get bigger as we expand across Australia.

Successful, Proven

Business Model

20 plus years in the business has seen our business model grow and develop into a winning formula for success.


Family Business

Our business is built around family values. Every employee, every franchisee and every customer is our family.

Achieve your dreams and goals. Join our team.

Franchisee Testimonial

“I worked with Brett and James for 15 years and am excited to be going back into business with them. When I heard that there was an opportunity secure a franchise I made the call and can’t wait to get up and running. I couldn’t replicate what they have created but I can surely jump onto the band wagon and enjoy the benefits”. – Michael M