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Sell your car fast by listing it on OzCar Connect. It's FREE and you get the added bonus of being able to use any OzCar location as a safe and convenient meeting point for you and your potential buyers.

Simply fill in the details below and your car will appear on within 24 hours. It's proven that buyers like accurate information, so please fill in as much information as you can correctly.

If you have any questions contact 1300 767 800. Good luck.

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You can add up to 12 images for your ad. You can drag and drop - and then re order the images as required.

The first images will be used on the listing pages and as the first large images on your ad details.

Landscape photos and images will give the best result, and each file size needs to be no more than 5MB. advertises private vehicles and vehicles owned by OzCar PTY LTD which is a licensed motor dealer. OzCar LMCT 11839. Private vehicles listed for sale on this website are not part of and are not guaranteed by OzCar PTY LTD, they are listed for sale by a private 3rd party. *CONDITIONS APPLY. *All Finance Subject to Approved Purchasers. ^^Terms and conditions apply.